Cannabis eCommerce Websites: 5 Must-Have Features

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Independent eCommerce Platform When deciding how to sell cannabis online, retailers can either use a third-party marketplace or have their own eCommerce website. In the long run, owning an independent eCommerce platform is certainly a better option than using a marketplace. Having your own cannabis eCommerce website gives you complete control over the design, product […]

Branding Your Cannabis Business

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Logos The logo of your cannabis brand should determine the overall brand’s visual direction. Start by focusing on your logo when rebranding or building your business. In addition, you can use it to build out the rest of your visual identity strategically. Think beyond what looks good when making creative decisions for your logo. Make sure […]

Cannabis Marketing with WJ Media

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Cannabis Marketing with WJ Media  Cannabis Law Changes Whenever a new state legalizes cannabis, marketing agencies look to apply their professional background to the cannabis industry. As the industry is still in its early stages, regulations are constantly changing, and growth is rapid. An organization that deals with cannabis should use a marketing firm with […]