Quality Content Over Quantity: The Golden Rule of Social Media Content Marketing

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In the constantly buzzing world of social media, it’s tempting to follow the mantra of “more is better.” But when it comes to building a lasting presence and engaging an audience meaningfully, WJ Media Group stands by the unwavering principle: quality content trumps quantity every time. The allure of ‘quick hacks’ to generate content at […]

SEO Tips for Cannabis Websites & E-Commerce Stores

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Build in-depth Product Pages Your product pages are the most important pages on your e-commerce website. In order to rank your product pages well. They will need a number of upgrades that will help rank them better in search engines. Step 1: Write Long Form Product Descriptions Just like category pages, the product pages should […]

7 Tips For Setting Up Your Website

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Learn From Previous Site You can learn so much from your existing website if you have one! Assessing what worked and what didn’t is the first step. if you weren’t hitting your ROI or business goals from your existing site. There will be numerous ways you can improve the customer journey experience for your new […]

Cannabis Marketing Tips in 2022

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Cannabis Marketing Tips in 2022 Take Advantage Of Popular Hashtags Participating in weekly or daily hashtag themes (via Twitter). Such as #designerweed or #cannabis, might help your company acquire the attention it deserves. Engaging in the community and contributing with hashtags that hundreds, if not millions, of people, are already using allows you to reach […]

Cannabis Marketing with WJ Media

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Cannabis Marketing with WJ Media  Cannabis Law Changes Whenever a new state legalizes cannabis, marketing agencies look to apply their professional background to the cannabis industry. As the industry is still in its early stages, regulations are constantly changing, and growth is rapid. An organization that deals with cannabis should use a marketing firm with […]