Utilizing Reddit as Marketing Strategy

Reddit advertises itself as “the front page of the internet” and it can most certainly back it up. While ranking as one of the top ten websites in the US and top 20 in the world, Reddit houses a collection of forums ranging in the millions. These communities of subreddits span just about any topic and interest. If you can imagine it, it probably exists, and if it doesn’t,  it probably just means it doesn’t exist yet.

These communities have all sorts of benefits attached to them. They’re great for personal interests, but definitely not limited to them. Reddit can be used as a tool and resource for not only maintaining your business but growing it as well. 

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Reddit as a Research Tool

No matter what your business is, there is sure to be outside interest in it. If there is outside interest, odds are there is a subreddit to go along with it. Right away you have access to a community of prospective clients and consumers of your product. From here you can engage with the community and do research towards finding ways to fine-tune your business to further optimize it. If you want to take a more passive approach, sit back and observe. Recognize trends and the community’s interests. Learn from others and their questions and feedback. Whether you take a more direct or indirect approach, you are sure to learn something that will benefit your business and the directions to take.  


Reddit as a Way to Connect

Connecting with an audience is essential to the growth of your business. Reddit is massive and so it presents an opportunity to connect with a population that isn’t limited by locality, and instead reaches globally. Creating engaging content on the website can net you significant growth. With the prospect of virality and crossposting, this growth begets more growth and so on and so forth. Network with ease and have a space that you can self advertise with for free. 


Reddit as Advertising Space

While you can just self advertise across your chosen subreddits, that might not be the optimal way. You may not have the time nor resources to contribute to these places of interest to gain that overall following, which is completely understandable – time is money. But if you want to take advantage of the long arms of Reddit, there is an alternative solution. Reddit offers paid ad space featured across their subreddits and front page. Engage with the community automatically, and maybe even reach further than you previously thought was possible. 


Whether you approach utilizing Reddit as a strategy, actively or passively, there is always something to be gained. You decide your own level of involvement and don’t need to dedicate anything more than you need to. It’s a win-win.