This year, The Dispensary Guy, in collaboration with WJ Media Group, hosted the inaugural 2024 New Jersey Dispensary Award Show, a vibrant event designed to spotlight and celebrate the stellar achievements within the New Jersey cannabis industry. The event provided an exceptional platform for networking, recognizing outstanding cannabis brands, and showcasing industry leaders from across the state.

A Night of Recognition and Networking

The award show was the culmination of a highly interactive process that began with a nomination period where viewers nominated their favorite retailers, manufacturers, and cannabis products. This was followed by a voting period that allowed our viewers to choose their favorites. The night was not just about awards; it was a unique opportunity for attendees to socialize and network in a consumption-friendly environment, where they could relax and enjoy the offerings from Uncle Giuseppe’s. Any leftover food was thoughtfully donated to our local emergency room, aligning with our goal to give back to the community.

Winners of the Night

The evening celebrated a host of winners across various categories. Brutes Roots took home the Best Website award with Dank Poet as the runner-up. In the Best Sales category, Brutes Roots claimed the top spot, followed closely by Dank Poet. For Best Ancillary, Mass Grown won, with Dank again taking the runner-up position. The Best Security award was secured by Dank Poet, with Semper Secure as the runner-up.

Fernway was a standout, winning the Brand Ambassador and both the Best Vape Disposable and Best Vape Cartridge categories, with Lilly Extracts and Cookies coming in as runners-up respectively. Brutes Roots was recognized for Best Vibe and Best Staff, also winning the Community Outreach category, with Dank Poet runner-up in all three. In the edible space, Gron Pearls took the top spot for Best Edible, over Wana Brands.

The product innovation award went to Dablicator, with ButACake as runner-up. In the hotly contested flower categories,  Z-pie from Garden Greens won Strain of the Year and Strain of the Year (Flower) respectively, with Haze Mac Motor and The Godfather by Brutes Roots as runners-up. Garden Greens outpaced Brutes for the Brand Flower award, and Mudd Brothers won Concentrate of the Year, over Gage/KT.

Dispensary of the Year awards saw Breakwater winning for Medical, Dank Poet for Adult Use, and Brutes Roots taking home the overall Dispensary of the Year. Lastly, the Budtender of the Year was awarded to Mike Davis of Brutes Roots, with Malcolm Mullen of Dank Poet as the runner-up.

Special Thanks to Our Sponsors

This incredible night would not have been possible without the generous support of our sponsors. A heartfelt thank you to NJ Canna Community, Heady NJ, UFCW 360, Scarlet Reserve Room, Pure Blossom, Jersey Meds, Med Leaf, Urbn Dispensary, and Mass Grown. Your commitment to supporting the cannabis community and this event has been pivotal in making it a landmark success.

Looking Forward

The 2024 New Jersey Dispensary Award Show not only celebrated the achievements of the past year but also set a high standard for excellence in the cannabis industry. As we reflect on the success of this event, WJ Media Group remains committed to supporting and promoting the vibrant cannabis community in New Jersey. We look forward to continuing this tradition, fostering growth, and highlighting the innovations that drive the industry forward.

Thank you to all the participants, nominees, winners, and our community for making this event a landmark success. We are already excited for what next year will bring!