Using SEO and keywords in 2022 is essential for optimizing blog posts. Though it is much more than picking the right keywords. Using SEO is to ensure that your keywords will be at the top of the lists when a customer searches. If a customer is searching for relevant content, you can use this information to make sure yours will be there. Using data tools to collect information about keywords, to then use these to ensure a customer sees the content. Listed below are 5 ways to improve your SEO.


Using headings can be extremely helpful, avoid using generic keywords that will have thousands of search volume statistics. Use a heading or phrase that is relevant to your business and subject. All while ensuring its creativeness will provide better search volume results.


Using headings is a must because search engines are aware of them. Search engines are looking for keywords in headings. When formatted incorrectly, the search engine will miss the keyword in a heading. Use formatting skills such as h2 and h3 headings to improve your SEO.


SEO engines are focused on grammatical issues as well. Avoid using run-on sentences, limit yourself to a number of words per sentence. The goal is to make it as easily readable for the customer

Title & Description

SEO provides you with the option of including a meta title and description within your blog post. This is what a user would see when they searched the blog on google. It includes a short description of what your blog post entails.

Internal & External Links

Providing trustworthy links to similar or relevant pages to your blog post will ultimately improve your SEO. Including internal links that can be applied to the blog post and show the success of their own SEO will improve your blog posts.