In our previous post, we talked about 5 ways to help expand your reach on Facebook, we aren’t done yet. Here are five more ways to expand that reach.


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Relevant pages

Facebook is home to countless businesses and it would be a shame to not be able to take advantage of all the other pages running parallel to yours. You might think that, as a business, it’s you against them, but it doesn’t have to be. Sometimes it can be helpful to tag and share posts of other businesses. Doing this can help increase your exposure and gain you new followers, but also it could help lead to some sort of partnership down the line. While this can be an effective strategy in some cases, it is important to remember to do this within reason and relevant to your own business.


Start a conversation 

Being social on social media might seem like an obvious thing to do as an individual, but your business can do it too. Starting a conversation with your followers is a great way to just simply maintain that relationship. Responding to followers on your posts and asking questions opens the door to a more active community. Having an active community is an easy way to gain traffic and even new followers. 


Get verified

Have you ever seen that blue checkmark beside the names of some companies or influencers on Facebook? That’s a verification mark, and it indicates that the page is authentic. This means it actually belongs to the person or company it claims to be. At face value, it’s good for followers to see that your company is the real deal, but behind the scenes, it does even more. Being verified is a fast and easy way to get you to rank higher in search results, allowing new followers to find you more easily. While blue checkmarks are typically reserved for larger companies, small businesses have their own (and equally important grey checkmark. 


Facebook ads

Facebook ads are a great service for social media marketing. These campaigns allow you to target your audience so specifically that you’re almost guaranteed to reach the ideal audience. Some of the ways you are able to filter your audience with ads and promoted posts is:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Behavior
  • Likes
  • Geography
  • Past visitors


Facebook also allows you to input the qualities of your best customers. It also is able to promote posts and ads to a lookalike audience. Creepy… but effective. 


Don’t Be Afraid to Repost

Not everything has to be shiny and new for every single Facebook post. Reposting content is an important function of your business because you want to be able to talk about something more than just once. The most important part of reposting though is that the content you are resharing is quality. Make not of quality posts and keep them in your pocket for later. If you need to talk about something previously shared that wasn’t as successful, go back and see where it went wrong and try again.