The 7 Best TikTok Marketing Tips and Best Practices

Here are the best TikTok marketing tips and best practices that you can start using now…

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1. Identify and Adapt to Trends

Identifying and adapting to trends is an important part of becoming a successful TikTok content creator. Instead of shooting in the dark, absorb everything that successful TikTokers are posting and then identify the trends

Trends can happen quickly so if you’re really serious about making trendy videos on TikTok, you’ll need to do some research every day. You may need to spend a lot of hours on TikTok until you’re able to identify upcoming trends, but it’ll be worth it.

As soon as you spot a new trend, start creating relevant content!

2. Connect With the Right Audience

TikTok has more than 1 billion users which can be hard to fathom, but it’s great news for anyone looking to find an audience that loves their content.

It would be awesome to have a billion followers who love what you do, but more realistically, you’ll need a niche. A niche is like a specialty. Surely you aren’t making TikToks for everyone. You probably have a category or two that your content best fits into.

For example, if you make TikToks about knitting sweaters for dogs, that’s a niche! Finding and owning your niche will help you connect with the right audience.

3. Collaborate With Brands

It’s pretty shocking when TikTokers don’t know about brand collaborations. They’re an amazing way to get exposure and make money on TikTok.

A brand collaboration is when a brand and a content creator team up. The brand wants to advertise their product so they use popular content creators to do that! If you’ve ever seen an influencer using or talking about a specific product in one of their TikToks, it was most likely a paid brand collaboration.

Luckily, you don’t need to cold outreach to brands in hopes of getting a collab. WJ Media Group can help you find brands that want to collaborate with you. The best part is that they want the type of content you already make so you’ll have a lot of creative freedom.

4. Get Inspired by Others and Then Create Your Own Content

A great way to get the creative juices flowing is to absorb a lot of content that other TikTokkers are posting. Get inspired by your peers and then create your own content.

When you’re starting out, don’t be afraid to make videos that are simple and genuine. Adding effects and more complex production will come with time, but the most important thing is that the content itself is high quality.

5. Tell a Story and Show Who You Are

You’re a unique individual and that’s your special offering to the TikTok community. We recommend making funny, trendy content, but we also encourage being genuine and deep.

Let your content tell the story of who you are. People will be attracted to the genuineness of your work.

6. Post Often

Your content must be high quality. That’s non-negotiable, but if you really want to become a successful TikTok influencer, you’ll need to post very regularly too.

It’s a tall order, but your content needs to be high quality and high quantity.

Post regularly. As in at least a few times per week, but more is better. Work your way towards posting good content on a daily basis.

7. Be Authentic Even When You’re Collaborating With Brands

Earlier we mentioned creative freedom while working with brands. We really want to emphasize that you should keep being your authentic self even when you’re working on a brand collaboration.

Your followers will appreciate you sticking to what’s genuine and unique about yourself, and the brand you’re collaborating with will get the kind of content they wanted in the first place. It’s a win-win! Contact WJ Media Group for more information on how to grow your company!