Have you noticed a sudden drop in engagement on your Instagram account? You might have a shadowbanned instagram. But don’t worry! WJ Media Group is here with a step-by-step guide to help you fix a shadow-banned Instagram account and get back to engaging effectively with your audience.

1. Delete Bots and Automation Apps

The first step is to clean your account from any bots or automation apps. Instagram’s algorithm is smart and can detect artificial engagement. These tools might seem like a quick fix for gaining followers, but they can harm your account’s credibility. Go through your account and disconnect any third-party apps that automate your activity – this includes likes, comments, and follows/unfollows. Remember, authentic engagement is key!

2. Avoid Using Banned Hashtags

Banned hashtags are a major no-no on Instagram. They can range from seemingly innocent terms to more obvious inappropriate ones. Using these can flag your account and contribute to a shadow ban. Do a thorough check of the hashtags you’re using. Remove any that are overly generic, irrelevant, or potentially inappropriate. Instead, focus on niche, relevant hashtags that accurately describe your post and your audience.

3. Remove Previously Flagged Posts

If any of your posts have been flagged in the past, it’s time to remove them. These posts can be a red flag to Instagram’s algorithm, signaling that your content may not be suitable. Review your content and remove anything that could be considered controversial or that goes against Instagram’s community guidelines. This step is crucial in restoring your account’s reputation.

4. Take a 48-Hour Break from Instagram

Lastly, give your account a short break. We recommend taking a 48-hour hiatus from posting, commenting, or even logging in. This break can reset the Instagram algorithm’s perception of your account. It’s like giving your account a fresh start. During this time, Instagram’s system will recognize that you’re no longer engaging in the activities that led to the shadow ban.

Conclusion: Patience and Authenticity Win

Recovering from a shadow-banned Instagram requires patience and a commitment to authentic engagement. By following these steps – deleting bots, avoiding banned hashtags, removing flagged content, and taking a break – you’ll set your account on the right path. Remember, genuine engagement and quality content are the cornerstones of a successful Instagram presence.

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