Berner’s Billion Dollar Cookie Recipe

Berner, an American rapper and entrepreneur who made his name by building an empire around marijuana. Berner has released his secret recipe for the “Million Dollar Cookies”. Ever wonder what are the ingredients to this billion-dollar empire? Here’s the recipe!

From Bartender to Budtender to a very successful Brand Owner

Berner didn’t simply get up one morning the proprietor of a brand worth almost $1 billion. He is the genius behind the Cookies Cannabis Brand. Berner used his innate marketing brilliance to develop Cookies into a $12-million-a-year business in 2015. Therefore, the brand has such a cult following that apparel sells out in seconds for premium rates.

He aggressively promoted the Cookie brand between the period of 2010 and 2012.  Because of this, he was then able to leave his job at the old Hemp Center. Through Cookies and cannabis, he even featured in Snoop Dogg’s YouTube program and his musical attempts added to his popularity.

At the beginning of the Cookies brand, he was simply selling stock. Essentially top of the line, marijuana-marked clothing, duffle packs, moving plate, and scent-resistant knapsacks. While filling in distinction as a rapper, working in the auxiliary weed space permitted Berner to produce the capital expected to take his brand to a higher level.

Marketing Skills

Cookie ‘Branding’ is one of the reasons behind Berner’s huge success. Most cannabis businesses and brands are unable to conduct business through standard banking channels. Because of the banking limitations enforced by the federal authorities, everything must be done in cash. Since cannabis remains illegal at the federal level, Berner devised a novel solution to the problem. The federal government prohibits the trademarking of any cannabis brand, but a cannabis apparel brand can be registered.

Berner trademarked and registered “Cookies SF”. Therefore, the idea of this step was that once you have a brand name, you can then put up a sign in the dispensary and no one else would be able to enter your zone. Further, he also got access to the financial system because of his licensed brand, which is something that other cannabis businesses would die for. He then managed to defend the brand from fraudsters and other con artists. Whose intentions were to duplicate their idea when the branding was in full swing across dispensaries across America.

Today, the Cookies brand has authorized marijuana retail locations working in various states, including California, Oregon, Montana, Oklahoma, Nevada, Colorado, Michigan, Maryland, Massachusetts, and Florida. He’s even got an area in Tel Aviv, Israel, and Barcelona, Spain. It has grown past Cookies, starting sister brands Lemonnade, Minntz, Collins Ave, and Grandiflora.

To get a feeling of the sort of businessperson Berner is, pay attention to “Brown Bag.” The music video makes three things clear: Berner and Wiz Khalifa love weed, don’t rest, and have an enormous audience of weed lovers.

Can Guess Where the Name ‘Cookies’ Comes from?

If you’re comfortable with the marijuana business by any means, you don’t need to try to guess the origin of the brand name ‘Cookies’

Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) is quite possibly the most notable strain in both the directed and unregulated businesses, particularly in the hip bounce world. The strain is so well known for a reason. GSC is a mixture containing up to 28 percent THC and 1 percent CBD. The joined effect of that cannabinoid profile and the terpenes regularly found in GSC (Caryophyllene, Limonene, and Linalool) brings about a high that numerous clients portray as euphoric, narcotic, and inventive.

While the impacts of GSC are praiseworthy, the strain’s name has been the objective of huge opposition by a logical party: the Girl Scouts of the USA. The young association has made a few legitimate moves to get pot dispensaries and brands to quit utilizing its name on their items.

The result? Individuals are dropping the ” Girl Scout ” and keeping the “Cookies. “It’s an engaging name, yet does Berner reserve the privilege to take it? He does.

Promising Future ahead

We are excited to see where the Cookies, Lemonade, and Caps brands go. We are excited to see what else Berner has stashed up his sleeve for the next launch or release. Berner’s “billion-dollar cookie recipe” will give you everything you need to get inspired to own a marijuana business.