Cannabis Marketing trends in 2022, and 2023

2022 Cannabis Marketing Trends

With 2022 officially over, let’s take a look at which trends were at the forefront of marketing Cannabis in 2022. It was a year full of new opportunities for canna-businesses with the widespread legalization happening in the US. We saw a lot of new emerging trends in order for canna-businesses to stand out from the ever-growing landscape of the cannabis industry. Here are some of the biggest trends we saw.

1. Emphasis on making something new.

In 2022 we saw brands trying to stand out by making products that no one else was making.

It’s no secret that edibles are one of the largest sectors of the industry and since its insurgence gummies have been leading that market. This year we saw a shift of brands moving away from gummies in order to stand out from the competition

This year we saw brands try products such as cooking and baking oils, savory snacks, beverages, mints, and hard candies, sublinguals (Listerine strips), and more. 

Brands saw a ton of success specifically in Cannabis Beverages

The market share of beverages has increased by nearly 40% in the U.S. and Canada since January 2021, according to a report released on Nov. 18 by cannabis data company Headset, titled “Cannabis Beverages: Examining category performance & trends.” 

2. A Focus on Microdosing

In 2022 a ton of brands emerged or created products specifically made for microdosing. In the past, it was all about high-THC products, but for a lot of consumers, high THC is not the answer for them.

Brands like 1906 edibles released edibles with 2.5mg of THC and 2.5mg of CBD, allowing consumers to have complete control over their microdose.

These microdose products allow consumers to gradually enter the cannabis space, and experiment with small doses before committing to strong products.

3. Companies utilizing occasion-based marketing.

This is one of the most prominent, and most effective trends that was used in 2022. If you surf any internet form about cannabis, you are met with countless questions about the best products for certain situations. Brands recognized consumers had these questions and started creating products for specific occasions.

We see products with descriptions such as “recover and restore”, “rest easier” or “fast times”. The products are specifically targeted toward a feeling or occasion that the consumer might want to achieve.

Consumers in general, when they’re coming into the cannabis industry, don’t know when, why, or how they should use cannabis. It is a brand’s job now to take them through that consumer path to purchase.

4. Educating consumers on terpenes.

In 2022 we began to move past the base of just labeling products as Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid. Now we are educating consumers on each product’s specific terpene, and how the terpenes interact with the body.

We now see brands including terpene profiles in each product on the product packaging, with a word to describe how it makes an individual feel.

We expect this to be a massive marketing trend in 2023. With so many products available out there, experienced consumers are going to want the perfect products for them. Terpene profiles are going to be an answer to this want.

5. What’s to come in 2023

In 2023, we expect all of these Cannabis Marketing trends to continue. Most of these trends just scratched the surface of what they could become. In 2023, brands have the opportunity to really take advantage of them.

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