The Best TikTok Marketing Tips for Creators

The 7 Best TikTok Marketing Tips and Best Practices

Here are the best TikTok marketing tips and best practices that you can start using now…

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1. Identify and Adapt to Trends

Identifying and adapting to trends is an important part of becoming a successful TikTok content creator. Instead of shooting in the dark, absorb everything that successful TikTokers are posting and then identify the trends

Trends can happen quickly so if you’re really serious about making trendy videos on TikTok, you’ll need to do some research every day. You may need to spend a lot of hours on TikTok until you’re able to identify upcoming trends, but it’ll be worth it.

As soon as you spot a new trend, start creating relevant content!

2. Connect With the Right Audience

TikTok has more than 1 billion users which can be hard to fathom, but it’s great news for anyone looking to find an audience that loves their content.

It would be awesome to have a billion followers who love what you do, but more realistically, you’ll need a niche. A niche is like a specialty. Surely you aren’t making TikToks for everyone. You probably have a category or two that your content best fits into.

For example, if you make TikToks about knitting sweaters for dogs, that’s a niche! Finding and owning your niche will help you connect with the right audience.

3. Collaborate With Brands

It’s pretty shocking when TikTokers don’t know about brand collaborations. They’re an amazing way to get exposure and make money on TikTok.

A brand collaboration is when a brand and a content creator team up. The brand wants to advertise their product so they use popular content creators to do that! If you’ve ever seen an influencer using or talking about a specific product in one of their TikToks, it was most likely a paid brand collaboration.

Luckily, you don’t need to cold outreach to brands in hopes of getting a collab. WJ Media Group can help you find brands that want to collaborate with you. The best part is that they want the type of content you already make so you’ll have a lot of creative freedom.

4. Get Inspired by Others and Then Create Your Own Content

A great way to get the creative juices flowing is to absorb a lot of content that other TikTokkers are posting. Get inspired by your peers and then create your own content.

When you’re starting out, don’t be afraid to make videos that are simple and genuine. Adding effects and more complex production will come with time, but the most important thing is that the content itself is high quality.

5. Tell a Story and Show Who You Are

You’re a unique individual and that’s your special offering to the TikTok community. We recommend making funny, trendy content, but we also encourage being genuine and deep.

Let your content tell the story of who you are. People will be attracted to the genuineness of your work.

6. Post Often

Your content must be high quality. That’s non-negotiable, but if you really want to become a successful TikTok influencer, you’ll need to post very regularly too.

It’s a tall order, but your content needs to be high quality and high quantity.

Post regularly. As in at least a few times per week, but more is better. Work your way towards posting good content on a daily basis.

7. Be Authentic Even When You’re Collaborating With Brands

Earlier we mentioned creative freedom while working with brands. We really want to emphasize that you should keep being your authentic self even when you’re working on a brand collaboration.

Your followers will appreciate you sticking to what’s genuine and unique about yourself, and the brand you’re collaborating with will get the kind of content they wanted in the first place. It’s a win-win! Contact WJ Media Group for more information on how to grow your company!

4 Marketing Tips To Help With a Successful Fourth Quarter

With the fourth quarter of 2021 on the horizon, it is a good time for sales leaders to review strategies in preparation for achieving fourth-quarter B2B selling objectives.

The following is an overview of some sales tips to help your business review its process for fourth-quarter planning and ensure reps are ready to execute on those plans.

Sales Tip #1: Establish or Review Targets

Objectives drive strategies, tactics, and execution in B2B selling. However, events and circumstances may dictate that you review your established goals in advance of the start of the quarter.

Review individual and team quotas with your reps and consider whether established benchmarks motivate success without creating an unrealistic expectation. If your team has well exceeded third-quarter milestones, a goal of 110 percent, 120 percent, or even higher of stated quotas might be reasonable.

Sales Tip #2: Evaluate Important Activities and Dates

Take a month-by-month look at the activities and events that will affect your sales team. For instance, you might have special conferences, new territories, or new initiatives to take into account. Establish a schedule of communication so that you alert your reps as to expectations for their regular and non-regular activities.

Knowing expectations, especially with out-of-the-ordinary events, makes it easier for your team to plan accordingly to optimize their selling results.

Sales Tip #3: Get Off to a Great Start

The momentum and tone for a new quarter are established early in the first month. When your team gets off to a solid start in October, it creates feelings of confidence that strategies and tactics are working. This confidence helps fuel efforts in the remaining months.

To leverage the great start, communicate progress with your team regularly. You can do this through individual or team meetings. Discuss which approaches have worked well and what improvements can drive revenue even more. If you are off the desired pace, quickly assess challenges, coach your reps and communicate often. Offering bonuses and incentives early in the quarter is a common strategy to help your team create necessary momentum.

Sales Tip #4: Focus on High-Value Prospects and Solutions

It is always important to target prospects with as much data and precision as possible so that you can sell the best value in your solutions. These steps are especially important in the fourth quarter as you look to close out the year on a high note.

Make use of your data to build specific profiles of prospects that match your solutions. Review prospects currently in your pipeline and prioritize calls with those people with whom you have the greatest likelihood of converting high-value deals. Reinforce training with your team on product knowledge and demonstrations, which are keys to selling value in B2B.

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Wrap Up

The fourth quarter is not just a vital three-month period to optimize sales performance; it is the closing segment to reaching your annual sales objectives. Taking the time to plan ahead while you also review your third-quarter results is important. Apply the sales tips noted here to review objectives, communicate well and motivate reps can dramatically improve your success! Contact us at WJ Media Group or call us at (732) 670-6402.

11 Ways to Increase Instagram Engagement in 2021

Wondering how to increase Instagram engagement in 2021? You’re not alone!

Today, brands need to look further into their performance metrics and track comments, saves, shares, Instagram Stories views, and even DMs to understand how they are performing.

Luckily, it’s not as hard as you may think! 

11 Ways to Increase Instagram Engagement in 2021

  1. Discover your best time to post.
  2. Start conversations with Instagram Stories stickers.
  3. Regularly test & analyze new content types.
  4. Create “saveable” content for your feed.
  5. Share data your audience will love.
  6. Write longer captions.
  7. Open up about your brand and business.
  8. Add an element of fun.
  9. Pay closer attention to your hashtags.
  10. Create shareable content.
  11. Create more video content.

Ready to get started? We’re sharing all the best ways to organically increase your engagement.

#1: Discover Your Best Time to Post

Did you know you could be limiting your Instagram engagement by posting at the wrong time, or just not regularly enough?

While there are a handful of ways to increase Instagram engagement, posting when your audience is most active is a quick win. 

Instagram’s algorithm loves posts that generate a lot of engagement in a short period of time. It will often move that post to the top of your followers’ feeds.

To encourage this, spend some time monitoring and tracking your Instagram analytics. Learn when the best time to post is for your audience.

Every Instagram account is made up of unique followers in different time zones. It’s a great idea to find your personalized best time to post on Instagram. This way, you can reach more people, increase engagement, and grow your brand!

#2: Start Conversations with Instagram Stories Stickers

Over 500 million Instagram accounts use Instagram Stories every day, and that number is only set to grow in 2021!

Instagram Stories stickers are a great way to encourage your followers to chat and share their opinions and experiences with you. This, in turn, will help create a loyal following that feels connected to your brand.

Here are a few ways you can get started with stickers to increase Instagram engagement:

The Question Sticker

Nothing sparks conversation more than a good AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Instagram Stories.

Influencers have been known to use the Instagram Stories question sticker to help their followers get to know them more. There’s no reason why you can’t do the same for your business.

It’s a great opportunity for your followers to get to know your brand better, or get more information about your products.

Increase Instagram Engagement: Instagram Stories Stickers

On the flip side, it’s a great place for you to ask your followers some questions. You could spark a conversation about your next season’s color palette, or what product lines they’d like to see more of.

Its engagement, conversation, and customer feedback are all wrapped up in one great post!

The Quiz Sticker

The interactive Instagram Stories quiz sticker lets you share trivia-style multiple-choice questions with your followers and track the results.

When one of your followers “votes” on your quiz, they’ll be able to see whether they got it right. And you’ll be able to see how many votes each option received and how each person voted.

Increase Instagram Engagement: Instagram Stories Engagement: Quiz Sticker Later 

The Countdown Sticker

If you want to pique the interest of your followers and get more traction with your events and sales, the countdown sticker on Instagram Stories is perfect for your posts!

When you share a story about an upcoming event (like an in-store sale, product launch, or special announcement), you can add a countdown sticker that counts down to the date and time you set.

Your followers can then subscribe to your countdown event. Which will send them a reminder when the time is up and your countdown is complete!

This is a great strategy for engaging with your Instagram followers and getting your audience to opt-in to special events or promotions.

#3: Regularly Test and Analyze New Content Types 

Some of the best content plans on Instagram come from experimentation.

Testing out new forms of content can feel daunting on Instagram. Especially if you feel like you’re onto a good thing and seeing good engagement on your current content strategy.

But trust us: trial, error, and content experiments are key to being ahead of the curve and having a stronger strategy.

Not sure where to start? Here’s a couple of ideas you can try out this month:

#1: Test new content types. Memes, quotes, user-generated content, mini-infographics, or even a selfie-style video could be great on your grid or stories.

#2: Experiment with video types like Instagram Stories, Instagram Reels, and IGTV. Some brands work well with long-form content on IGTV, while others still favor the short and snappy clips. Try something outside of your norm.

#3: Test out different Instagram Stories styles and see if they improve your engagement. For example, see if a chatty behind-the-scenes content resonates with your audience, or if they prefer weekly round-ups.

As you test different content types, don’t forget to regularly check your analytics!

#4: Create “Saveable” Content for Your Feed 

Instagram comments, shares, and saves are more important than ever. One of the best ways to improve your engagement for this year is to create more content that encourages your audience to tap that save button!

“Saveable content” is anything you know your audience will want to revisit at a later time.

For example, The Colored Girl  shared this post about love languages and encouraged their community to practice self-care:


Using carousel posts to share valuable tips and information can lead to more saves, as your audience can refer back to the post when they want to act on the tips. 

Similarly, travel content creators are seeing success from creating mini-blog style posts and sharing information about their destination:


When you’re brainstorming  “saveable” content for your feed, think about what’s important to your audience and what they’ll find value in. This can be anything from an infographic to funny memes or quotes that you know will resonate.

#5: Share Data Your Audience Will Love 

Posting personalized and data-driven content is a big trend prediction for 2020 and we think it will really help drive engagement too.

Brandon Perlman, founder and CEO of Social Studies, Inc. Explains that machine learning and personalized content isn’t going anywhere:

“I foresee quite a bit more data-driven analyses and infographics being shared from real brand advocates, consumers, and fans,” Brian predicts.

A great example of this is Spotify’s Wrapped campaign  — “it’s brilliant, informative, personal, utility-driven, custom, shareable, and just slick.”

Social media predictions for 2021

Ready to try out the trend? Start by looking at your own data. For example, if you’re an online retailer, can you see when people like to shop the most? What made the biggest sale of the month? What percentage of your audience voted for a new product?

From this data, are you able to build a story about it to share with your audience or is there one key stat you know your audience will love?


While producing data-driven content does take some extra time and preparation to execute, it’s well worth the effort when you see your engagement rates rise!

#6: Write Longer Captions

Did you know that your Instagram caption can be up to 2,200 characters long? That’s a whole lot of space to share with your audience.

One of the factors that affect how your Instagram post performs in the algorithm is “time spent on post.”

So one of the easiest ways of improving your Instagram engagement is simply writing longer captions.

Not sure what that looks like? Check out how Knix has nailed the perfect caption length. With the help of a strong call to action to watch their stories and a nod to a cute cultural moment, the caption is the best length for their audience.


Now, we’re not saying that every caption has to be thousands of words long. But even writing a full sentence instead of just a few emojis could help you increase Instagram engagement.

#7: Open Up About Your Brand and Business

The power of authenticity on Instagram is huge — and it’s set to become even stronger in 2021!

We’re seeing tons of brands and businesses getting on board and showing a more honest, real, and vulnerable side to their brand and business.

A high level of authenticity can go a long way in building a stronger connection to your audience, which in turn encourages more engagement.

When you can showcase the good with the bad, the struggles along with the wins, your brand will be more relatable to your audience.

But it’s not just influencers getting on board with the trend.

Brands and businesses are taking to their feed, IGTV, and Instagram Reels to share more about their company mission, their struggles, and why they do what they do.


This year, you may start to see more business leaders and founders take to Instagram to share the inner workings of the company, host live Q&As, or just pop in to say “hi”.

So now’s the time to jump on the bandwagon and start sharing more with your followers to increase your Instagram engagement.

#8: Add an Element of Fun

Instagram posts take time, effort, and planning to get right. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun!

We’re seeing more and more brands add elements of humor and pop culture references to their posts by adding memes and trending topics to their content.

From including AR filters in our stories, to adding memes and GIFs to our feeds, our engagement rates increase when we post something quirky and fun!

Of course, you need to honor your brand’s overall theme and tone — if memes don’t fit in with your brand’s values, then it’s better to leave them out of your strategy and not compromise on your look and feel.

But if you can include some fun moments into your strategy, get ready to see some real returns in your comments, shares, and likes!

#9: Pay Closer Attention to Your Hashtags

If you want to increase your Instagram engagement, understanding which hashtags are driving more people to your posts is really important.

The stronger your hashtag game, the more impressions, and eyes on your content!

#10: Create Shareable Content

The ability for users to share feed posts to their Instagram Stories or DMs is a handy feature that will help you reach even more people.

Increase Instagram Engagement: Repost Instagram Stories

The key is making content you know your audience will want to repost.

Similar to creating saveable content, shareable content needs to be highly related to what your audience likes and needs. Think about infographics, data that could shock or spark intrigue, fun memes, or relatable quotes:

Increase Instagram Engagement: Repost Instagram Stories: Headspace

Plus, now you can track and measure how many times your grid post has been shared to stories, making it even easier to track and measure what content is performing the best.

#11: Create More Video Content 

2020 was a big year for Instagram video — especially with the introduction of Instagram Reels — and it shows no sign of slowing down in 2021.

By incorporating more video content into your content strategy, you’re almost guaranteed to increase engagement on your Instagram profile.

But creating a video doesn’t need to feel daunting — in fact, video content can be really easy to make.

And if you’re getting into Instagram Reels for 2021 (hint: you should be!), don’t forget that they’re designed to be fast and fun, and can be used to captivate your audience with educational content, like Jeannette Ogden’s recipes:


Instagram Reels is a great way to experiment with bite-sized content, explore a new creative video feature, and engage with your community.

There’s no denying that Instagram is a competitive place, but there are still tons of ways that you can creatively increase your Instagram engagement.

So next time you’re planning and strategizing your Instagram content, try to incorporate these tips and see how your audience responds.