Cannabis Marketers’ Top Digital Marketing Methods

Cannabis marketers’ top digital marketing methods are explained here. Researchers from the Cannabis Marketing Association, New Frontier Data, and NXTeck completed the 2022 Cannabis Digital Marketing Survey. Their findings indicate the following methods are most effective for cannabis businesses and their ancillary businesses:
-Website/blog: 64%

-Email marketing: 53%

-Social media: 52%

-Search Engine Optimization (SEO): 51%
In other words, the most effective digital marketing opportunity in the cannabis industry is content marketing. The top four digital marketing methods are all part of content marketing. As they far outranked all other digital marketing methods. Cannabis marketers rank earned media at 19% as the next most effective method. It should be noted that much of earned media is an extension of a brand’s content marketing strategy.

Bottom-line, there is no more powerful digital marketing opportunity for cannabis marketers than content marketing. The creation and sharing of amazing content should be a significant part of your marketing budget.

The Domino Effect of Great Content Published Often and Consistently

Content marketing is so powerful because of the domino effect. When you publish useful, meaningful, and relevant content on your blog. You’ll then have something amazing to share in your email marketing and across social media platforms.

As more people see your content in their email inboxes or preferred social media platforms. They’ll further engage with it, and some will share it with their own audiences, friends, and followers. In order to increase traffic to your website, you can repurpose a single piece of content. As well as awareness of your brand, and leads thanks to the domino effect that occurs online.

Content Marketing

It’s the marketers who understand the value of great content and their target audiences who have the most success with content marketing. These marketers know how to write content for the web (including style, formatting, SEO considerations, and more). They know how to break content into pieces to efficiently repurpose it. Then further extend its reach and lifespan far beyond what the original content could do alone.

For businesses, keep in mind is not just that you should be investing heavily in content marketing. In addition, not all marketers are content marketing experts. Visuals contribute greatly to the success of content marketing. Hence, amazing digital assets need to be created by designers. If you’re investing heavily into content marketing, make sure you have the right people to develop the best strategy. Then further implement it effectively to drive the highest returns on your investments.

The Importance of Your Blog as the Foundation of All Content Marketing

The power of content marketing starts with your blog. A blog that is part of your business’ website is an essential piece of digital marketing today. Keeping a blog updated with fresh content is the whole point of blogging. That means you’ll have more content to share. As a result, Google and other search engines will have more ways to find you.

Search engines rank high-quality, authoritative content higher than other pages in search results. You’ll get more search engine traffic if you write epic blog posts on your website. This is simply because your posts will appear higher in search results. The more people who visit your blog posts, the more who will share them across social media. Which further brings even more people to your website.

Blog Post & Marketing

Your blog also fuels your email marketing, social media marketing, and digital advertising. Blog posts give you opportunities to create targeted email marketing campaigns and social media posts (or ads). These drive people to your website, boost brand awareness, and increase leads. You can use your blog posts to promote lead magnets, such as ebooks and checklists. This can further require that visitors provide their email addresses in order to access those assets. Promote the lead magnet blog post across social media and other digital advertising methods. So, you’ll grow your email marketing list and generate more leads.

Digital Marketing in the Cannabis Industry: Key Takeaways

Marketers report that a cannabis business’ website/blog, email marketing, social media, and SEO are the most effective digital marketing methods. Much better than any other digital marketing opportunity. All of these methods are part of content marketing, so take a look at your marketing budget. Then make sure you’re allocating enough of it to content marketing.

According to the 2022 Cannabis Digital Marketing survey, only 19% of marketers say programmatic ads are the most effective. Just 17% said pay-per-click (PPC) ads are most effective, and 10% said display ads. This compares to 64% who said their website/blog was most effective, and 51%-53% who said their email marketing, social media, and SEO were most effective. Now, take a look at your budget and re-allocate accordingly.

As Marijuana Legalization Takes Effect On Instagram, Cannabis Marketing Is Reshaped

As Marijuana Legalization Takes Effect On Instagram, Cannabis Marketing Is Reshaped

As marijuana legalization takes effect, marketing on Instagram is changing. According to a recent study, marijuana legalization has drastically changed cannabis marketing on Instagram.

The study entitled “From dealing with influencing: Online marketing of cannabis on Instagram” and published in the international journal Crime, Media, Culture last month. Researchers Silje Anderdal Bakken and Sidsel Kirstine Harder from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark. Further compared 60 Instagram profiles belonging to illegal Swedish drug dealers to 70 cannabis influencers’ profiles based in the United States or Canada. Most of them belong to women.

They found out that cannabis influencers on Instagram are changing the stereotyped characteristics of illegal cannabis culture. As a result, cannabis has evolved from a largely male-dominated market to one where it is seen as a desirable accessory among certain feminine lifestyles.

Influencers & Drug Dealers

“The role of influencers in transforming cannabis culture to become more mainstream and acceptable to women could potentially influence cannabis cultures worldwide. As well as ongoing legalization debates,” reads the study.

Platforms such as Meta’s Facebook and Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok don’t allow cannabis-related businesses to advertise their products or services on their platforms. As a result, cannabis influencers operate in a legal gray area. In which they can advertise their personal use and recommendations of cannabis without offering direct sales.

According to the study, while illegal dealers sell cannabis anonymously, influencers integrate cannabis into their everyday lives.

The study showed how social media marketing might impact a cultural shift toward cannabis becoming a normalized practice. In addition, it can trigger a cultural change.

Researchers further noted that the most common features they shared were anonymity, risk calculation, and amateurism. Profiles rarely included human features, and images of their products were accompanied by short captions.

Additionally, the researchers looked at Instagram’s public profiles of 70 cannabis influencers located in the United States and Canada. Focusing on images and related text, including captions, comments, and short profiles with bios.

Gender Differences

In spite of no gender indications in any of the 60 dealer profiles considered in the study. Nearly all cannabis influencers identified themselves as women. (less than 10% of the 70 collected influencer profiles did not show women’s names or bodies)

Cannabis influencers display engaging content images. In fact, some of them display feminine objects and themes to indicate their gender and cannabis use.

Influencers post cannabis on Instagram in a stylish way, by posting photographic landscapes of cannabis fields. More commonly, by designing flat lays (pictures taken from above) and presenting cannabis in colors such as pink and white. Further different from the dusty green and brown colors of raw cannabis shown by the dealers considered in the study.

Rather than showcasing their products on Instagram, drug dealers use Instagram to connect with potential customers. The tactic is to provide followers with information about encrypted apps, such as Wickr or Telegram. Utilizing these to finalize the purchase of cannabis products.

Influencers use cannabis to share their own personal stories and share how they use it.

Researchers found that cannabis dealers on Instagram reinforce stereotypes about subculture, masculinity, and risky transactions. Although cannabis influencers present cannabis and related products as natural and safe for anyone attracted to their lifestyle.

Female Cannabis Influencers

Researchers have observed in particular that female cannabis influencers portray their bodies in a very feminine, fashionable, and sexual way. On the other hand, they actively enjoy “getting stoned” and recommend it to other women.

Cannabis use may be interpreted as an effort to mainstream an illegal subculture.

On the other hand, the illegal dealer profiles don’t post any personal information.

In today’s cannabis industry, social acceptance promotes cannabis smoking among women, say, researchers.

“Social media like Instagram allows cannabis influencers to spread their messages about cannabis as an accepted consumption product to millions of people of diverse ages, genders, and nationalities. While all the illegal dealer profiles observed on Instagram maintain a focus on men or gender neutrality in their presentation of products, the cannabis influencers present themselves as women and their cannabis products as ordinary or ideal women’s accessories,” the study concludes.

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Cannabis Marketing Tips in 2022

Cannabis Marketing Tips in 2022

Take Advantage Of Popular Hashtags

Participating in weekly or daily hashtag themes (via Twitter). Such as #designerweed or #cannabis, might help your company acquire the attention it deserves. Engaging in the community and contributing with hashtags that hundreds, if not millions, of people, are already using allows you to reach an audience far beyond your regular follower count.

Social Media Marketing

Know your audience and keep up with current trends on your social media platforms. What new ways could you use story formats? You can use hashtags, national or international holidays, and think outside the box.

SMS Messaging

Besides being efficient, text messaging also allows you to communicate with a large number of people. As long as you use caution and don’t break the law, you can promote your products with text messaging at a low cost. By sending targeted messages to clients, you can keep them engaged.

Paid Search

Paid search is an excellent approach to get your products in front of the relevant buyers and drive quality traffic to your website. This technique, however, will not work for cannabis advertising because Google has a policy against “ads for substances that affect the mental state for recreational purposes.” Until this guideline changes, you should focus your search-related efforts on SEO and GMB optimization.

Cannabis Websites And Blogs

By providing SEO-optimized blog posts for your website, you can market your cannabis brand through other similar sites. However, you’ll need to figure out which websites and blogs your potential clients frequent. After that, you can guest post on blogs, run ads on third-party ad platforms, or advertise on industry-related websites.

Reward Loyal Customers With More

Due to COVID-19, many customers have cut back on purchases, and products are in excess. You can also do this as a way to thank customers who stay with you regardless, just to show your appreciation.

Brand Visibility Through Event Marketing

Experiential marketing is one of the most effective methods for increasing brand awareness and affinity. You can use it to communicate and engage with your audience, as well as to increase brand loyalty. The brand experience should exceed customers’ expectations and be consistent with the company’s values. Follow WJ Media Group on Instagram for more information on cannabis marketing tips. In addition to our website where you can find more useful tips on cannabis marketing in 2022!

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