Cannabis Marketing with WJ Media

Cannabis Marketing with WJ Media 

Cannabis Law Changes

Whenever a new state legalizes cannabis, marketing agencies look to apply their professional background to the cannabis industry. As the industry is still in its early stages, regulations are constantly changing, and growth is rapid. An organization that deals with cannabis should use a marketing firm with ethics, experience, and an extensive portfolio in the industry. That’s why we suggest choosing WJ Media Group for all of your cannabis marketing needs!

WJ Media group has thorough experience in the cannabis marketing industry. Marketing in the cannabis industry can be quite a task. The cannabis industry is notoriously harder to market in because of the more complex laws in place. Having to deal with stigmas and complicated rules, laws, and regulations is necessary. With more laws beginning to change as time goes on, the marketing of cannabis products is absolutely vital and necessary.

Every social media platform has its own set of rules and stipulations, and they all follow different guidelines. This makes cannabis marketing much more tricky than a typical product. Although it also provides room to thrive because of its niche. A cannabis company will run into issues regarding guidelines on social media. Using a media company like WJ Media will help relieve these issues and navigate safely while marketing your cannabis brand.

WJ Media’s Experience

WJ Media has experienced all of the issues that come with cannabis marketing, always finding a solution. Ranging from product information, packaging, labeling, and more. WJ Media has encountered various issues on social media platforms and worked through them. Having a company with experience in cannabis marketing is vital because of its complex rules. We here at WJ have done everything from recovering social media accounts to completely rebranding a company.

WJ Media offers multiple areas of marketing for cannabis companies.

  • Social Media Management- We define your competition and target audience. We then research what is working to generate the most traffic in your online industry, then strategize your campaign accordingly. 
  • SEO- With our tools, we help you grow your business online and then get noticed by Google.
  • Web Development- We develop modern websites for your business, then optimize for speed and efficiency
  • Google Business- We manage the back-end analytics and provide measurable results that demonstrate how our services help you reach your customers.
  • Packaging- concept, packaging design, sourcing, proofing
  • Branding- strategy, logo design, naming, copywriting
  • Web & Mail- graphic and web design, flyers design, magazine design, direct mail

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5 Ways to Promote Your Blog Post in 2022

1.) Utilizing SEO

By utilizing a set of well-researched and tested keywords, your strategy has the critical foundation needed to shape high-quality content that reaches more users and drives more traffic to your site. As soon as your keyword map is in place, you can work on other SEO elements that search engines seem to value in new blog posts, such as:

Internal links. Whenever posting a new blog, think about other blogs on your website that may offer additional value to the reader. Insert those links where appropriate.

High-authority external links. Consider linking to a few sites with high domain authority (DA) that logically bolster your content.

Subheadings. Using keyword-focused subheadings like h2s and h3s is a great way to break up text and improve readability.

Optimized metadata. Google crawlers value posts with meta titles, tags, and descriptions that provide relevant content and line up with searcher intent. When building out metadata, be sure to incorporate keywords naturally in each meta-data element.

2.) Social Media Promotion

Social media platforms offer a direct connection to some of the biggest online communities out there, allowing you to proactively market each brand new blog post to thousands or even millions of potential customers at once. Sharing that valuable insight across the most relevant social networks not only keeps your followers updated on the latest company news but also creates an additional and powerful online asset through which to inspire engagement and encourage readers to take the next step.

There are various ways to use social media to enhance your blog posts. Linking to your blog page within each social-media bio makes it easy for followers and newcomers to access and share new posts at any time. In addition, you can add social share buttons to each new blog post. Users will instantly share value-add content across their various social media feeds. This will bring in more and more users, potentially by hundreds or thousands. 

Hashtags offer an effective way for expanding your blog posts and gaining more traffic. Search the relevant hashtags for your niche, then use these hashtags to your advantage. This creates a connection between your blog post and the currently trending topics or events. This is a way to simply be in the center of everything going on. 

3.) Share Blog Content on Various Platforms

Using social bookmarking for your blog is an easy process. Locating where the right platforms are for your content is key, then submitting the content. There are specific niches you can find for your style of content as well. 

Include a featured image in your blog post. In addition to that image, ensure it is something attention-grabbing. Making it stand out will generate more clicks to the blog post page across all platforms. Another key feature is using the right titles for the blog posts. This is what the user is going to see first. Focus on a creative and captivating title for your article. 

4.) Promote your blog with email marketing

 Although email marketing seems like an outdated way to optimize user retention, email marketing still remains at the top of the list when it comes to promoting your content. Find the right time each week that works for you and the content. Using a bulk email tool, and an email marketing plan can transform each new post. 

Keep your email copy of the blog post short and to the point. This is where the catchy titles and images play a large role as well. Using relevant images and concise titles will ensure the optimization of the blog post’s message and will in return gain more traction from users. 

5.) Seek out guest posting 

Using guest posting, also known as guest blogging can be an extremely useful tool. Guest posting can be an amazing way to promote your blog and expand your brand online. The guest posting includes and is not limited to reaching out and building genuine partnerships with other people in the same industry. Making a connection with another person who works in your niche will provide insight, as well as cross-promotion for both parties involved. Pitching article ideas back and forth, then figuring out the best choice. 

Each new guest post creates a digital asset for Google to crawl and index in search. In addition, it includes a blog link that will send the user directly back to your own blog posts. Ensuring that even more users will be exposed to your content.

Legal Weed Sales Begin The Day After 4/20

April 21st

“Starting on April 21, adults ages 21+ will be able to legally purchase cannabis and cannabis products without a medical card. This is a historic step in our work to create a new cannabis industry,” Murphy said in a tweet Thursday. April 21st marks the day that New Jersey legal weed sales can begin. 


The state of New Jersey made this announcement on Thursday. State regulators will then issue licenses for seven medical marijuana dispensaries after the historic date of 4/20. Firstly, on April 21st, recreational marijuana is officially legal in New Jersey. CRC guidelines allow patients to purchase medicinal cannabis/cannabis products from alternative treatment centers for up to three ounces. The patient will be able to purchase 3 ounces every 30 days. In addition, cannabis products will have quantities approved by a healthcare provider. Following April 21st, patients will be able to buy 1 ounce of cannabis in a single transaction.

On April 21, the CRC will release a list of where to buy legal weed. “This is an exciting time for New Jersey,” Jeff Brown, executive director of the Cannabis Regulatory Commission. “We have been intentional and deliberate to do everything in our power to set the market on good footing to start.”

CRC Standards

The commission on Monday gave initial approval to seven alternative treatment centers. Curaleaf, Verano, GTI, Acreage, TerrAscend, Columbia Care, and Ascend Wellness. The position to open sales on April 21st was an intentional move. Alternative treatment centers feared that opening on the infamous 4/20, or any day prior would lead to a shortage of products. These alternative treatment centers are doing everything they can to be prepared for Thursday. 

Meanwhile, small cultivators and manufacturers have been approved for 102 conditional licenses by the CRC. Though the CRC remains hesitant in approving larger alternative treatment centers. This was because the supply of medical and recreational cannabis could be too low to meet demand. 

The Future

New Jersey could become the largest recreational cannabis market on the East Coast. With a booming new business in New Jersey, the competition is fierce among those striving for the same goal in the cannabis industry. WJ Media group provides services for those looking to stand out in this competitive market. Here at WJ Media, we provide the best digital marketing services for the cannabis industry. Working with many brands in the past, we can ensure you stand out in this market. Follow the link provided for more information on our work with cannabis brands:


5 Tips to Optimize Blog Posts Using SEO.
Using SEO and keywords in 2022 is essential for optimizing blog posts. Though it is much more than picking the right keywords. Using SEO is to ensure that your keywords will be at the top of the lists when a customer searches. If a customer is searching for relevant content, you can use this information to make sure yours will be there. Using data tools to collect information about keywords, to then use these to ensure a customer sees the content. Listed below are 5 ways to improve your SEO.


Using headings can be extremely helpful, avoid using generic keywords that will have thousands of search volume statistics. Use a heading or phrase that is relevant to your business and subject. All while ensuring its creativeness will provide better search volume results.


Using headings is a must because search engines are aware of them. Search engines are looking for keywords in headings. When formatted incorrectly, the search engine will miss the keyword in a heading. Use formatting skills such as h2 and h3 headings to improve your SEO.


SEO engines are focused on grammatical issues as well. Avoid using run-on sentences, limit yourself to a number of words per sentence. The goal is to make it as easily readable for the customer

Title & Description

SEO provides you with the option of including a meta title and description within your blog post. This is what a user would see when they searched the blog on google. It includes a short description of what your blog post entails.

Internal & External Links

Providing trustworthy links to similar or relevant pages to your blog post will ultimately improve your SEO. Including internal links that can be applied to the blog post and show the success of their own SEO will improve your blog posts.




5 More Tips to Expand Your Reach on Facebook

In our previous post, we talked about 5 ways to help expand your reach on Facebook, we aren’t done yet. Here are five more ways to expand that reach.


Relevant pages

Facebook is home to countless businesses and it would be a shame to not be able to take advantage of all the other pages running parallel to yours. You might think that, as a business, it’s you against them, but it doesn’t have to be. Sometimes it can be helpful to tag and share posts of other businesses. Doing this can help increase your exposure and gain you new followers, but also it could help lead to some sort of partnership down the line. While this can be an effective strategy in some cases, it is important to remember to do this within reason and relevant to your own business.


Start a conversation 

Being social on social media might seem like an obvious thing to do as an individual, but your business can do it too. Starting a conversation with your followers is a great way to just simply maintain that relationship. Responding to followers on your posts and asking questions opens the door to a more active community. Having an active community is an easy way to gain traffic and even new followers. 


Get verified

Have you ever seen that blue checkmark beside the names of some companies or influencers on Facebook? That’s a verification mark, and it indicates that the page is authentic. This means it actually belongs to the person or company it claims to be. At face value, it’s good for followers to see that your company is the real deal, but behind the scenes, it does even more. Being verified is a fast and easy way to get you to rank higher in search results, allowing new followers to find you more easily. While blue checkmarks are typically reserved for larger companies, small businesses have their own (and equally important grey checkmark. 


Facebook ads

Facebook ads are a great service for social media marketing. These campaigns allow you to target your audience so specifically that you’re almost guaranteed to reach the ideal audience. Some of the ways you are able to filter your audience with ads and promoted posts is:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Behavior
  • Likes
  • Geography
  • Past visitors


Facebook also allows you to input the qualities of your best customers. It also is able to promote posts and ads to a lookalike audience. Creepy… but effective. 


Don’t Be Afraid to Repost

Not everything has to be shiny and new for every single Facebook post. Reposting content is an important function of your business because you want to be able to talk about something more than just once. The most important part of reposting though is that the content you are resharing is quality. Make not of quality posts and keep them in your pocket for later. If you need to talk about something previously shared that wasn’t as successful, go back and see where it went wrong and try again. 

Berner’s Billion Dollar Cookie Recipe

Berner’s Billion Dollar Cookie Recipe

Berner, an American rapper and entrepreneur who made his name by building an empire around marijuana. Berner has released his secret recipe for the “Million Dollar Cookies”. Ever wonder what are the ingredients to this billion-dollar empire? Here’s the recipe!

From Bartender to Budtender to a very successful Brand Owner

Berner didn’t simply get up one morning the proprietor of a brand worth almost $1 billion. He is the genius behind the Cookies Cannabis Brand. Berner used his innate marketing brilliance to develop Cookies into a $12-million-a-year business in 2015. Therefore, the brand has such a cult following that apparel sells out in seconds for premium rates.

He aggressively promoted the Cookie brand between the period of 2010 and 2012.  Because of this, he was then able to leave his job at the old Hemp Center. Through Cookies and cannabis, he even featured in Snoop Dogg’s YouTube program and his musical attempts added to his popularity.

At the beginning of the Cookies brand, he was simply selling stock. Essentially top of the line, marijuana-marked clothing, duffle packs, moving plate, and scent-resistant knapsacks. While filling in distinction as a rapper, working in the auxiliary weed space permitted Berner to produce the capital expected to take his brand to a higher level.

Marketing Skills

Cookie ‘Branding’ is one of the reasons behind Berner’s huge success. Most cannabis businesses and brands are unable to conduct business through standard banking channels. Because of the banking limitations enforced by the federal authorities, everything must be done in cash. Since cannabis remains illegal at the federal level, Berner devised a novel solution to the problem. The federal government prohibits the trademarking of any cannabis brand, but a cannabis apparel brand can be registered.

Berner trademarked and registered “Cookies SF”. Therefore, the idea of this step was that once you have a brand name, you can then put up a sign in the dispensary and no one else would be able to enter your zone. Further, he also got access to the financial system because of his licensed brand, which is something that other cannabis businesses would die for. He then managed to defend the brand from fraudsters and other con artists. Whose intentions were to duplicate their idea when the branding was in full swing across dispensaries across America.

Today, the Cookies brand has authorized marijuana retail locations working in various states, including California, Oregon, Montana, Oklahoma, Nevada, Colorado, Michigan, Maryland, Massachusetts, and Florida. He’s even got an area in Tel Aviv, Israel, and Barcelona, Spain. It has grown past Cookies, starting sister brands Lemonnade, Minntz, Collins Ave, and Grandiflora.

To get a feeling of the sort of businessperson Berner is, pay attention to “Brown Bag.” The music video makes three things clear: Berner and Wiz Khalifa love weed, don’t rest, and have an enormous audience of weed lovers.

Can Guess Where the Name ‘Cookies’ Comes from?

If you’re comfortable with the marijuana business by any means, you don’t need to try to guess the origin of the brand name ‘Cookies’

Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) is quite possibly the most notable strain in both the directed and unregulated businesses, particularly in the hip bounce world. The strain is so well known for a reason. GSC is a mixture containing up to 28 percent THC and 1 percent CBD. The joined effect of that cannabinoid profile and the terpenes regularly found in GSC (Caryophyllene, Limonene, and Linalool) brings about a high that numerous clients portray as euphoric, narcotic, and inventive.

While the impacts of GSC are praiseworthy, the strain’s name has been the objective of huge opposition by a logical party: the Girl Scouts of the USA. The young association has made a few legitimate moves to get pot dispensaries and brands to quit utilizing its name on their items.

The result? Individuals are dropping the ” Girl Scout ” and keeping the “Cookies. “It’s an engaging name, yet does Berner reserve the privilege to take it? He does.

Promising Future ahead

We are excited to see where the Cookies, Lemonade, and Caps brands go. We are excited to see what else Berner has stashed up his sleeve for the next launch or release. Berner’s “billion-dollar cookie recipe” will give you everything you need to get inspired to own a marijuana business.