WJ Media Group Congratulates Recent Recreational License Awardees

WJ Media Group congratulates the following businesses for receiving their cannabis licenses.

Approved License Applications: Artistic Dispensary, Ascension Cannabis Brands, & Baggy Greens Inc.

Baked by the River, Bloomeri, Blue Violet Grow, Buddy’s Dispensary & Canna P Farms NJ.

Cannabis Depot, Cannaboutique by Greenhouse.

Cannabury Farms, Cedar Fairmont Health Cultivators, CGT New Jersey.

Cheeba Spot, CHM Consulting (Manufacturer), CHM Consulting (Cultivator)& City Farm.

Community Growth Partners, Cooked Dispensary. Creative Flavors by Esther, & Cuzzie’s,

Devine Garden, Dr Green Leaf, & Elevated by TheCannaBossLady.

Emerald Apothecary, Equaleaf, Feels of Green, & Fue Mei Farms Corporation,

Green Gem Industries (Manufacturer), Green Gem Industries (Cultivator), & Green Liberty.

Green Spirit Group, Green Wave Couture, & Greener on Getty.

Greener on Grove, Hackettstown Dispensary, & Happy Daze Boutique.

Happy Leaf, Hera Solutions & The High Society Cannabis.

HomeGrower ACNJ, HZY Goods, & Idyllx.

Integrity One Alternative Care, & Jersey Jane Dispensary.

Jersey Meds Management, Jersey Shore Extracts, & Lady L Cannabis.

Legacy Leaf, The Library of New Jersey Inc., & Littlemore.

Luckys Leafs, Mary Jane’s Last Dance Incorporated & MJ Marley’s.

Mountain View Farmacy, NBFC, & Organic Farms Inc.

Perfect Bud, Pure Blossom & Pure Natural Vibes.

Queen City Wellness, Queen of Spades, & RB Green Wellness.

,Royal Dynastic Organics The Sailor’s Pipe & Saint J & Co.

Sea Grass NJ, Seraph and Sons, & Solar Cannabis.

Star Seed, Sunburn New Jersey, & Sussex Cultivation.

Tangerine Tree Dispensary, Treeotics, & Urge New Jersey.

Valerie’s Garden, Victory Natural Farms & Violet Ventures Voox Farms.

WJ Media Group 

Here at WJ Media Group, we provide the services cannabis companies need to successfully market their company. We have a broad education in cannabis marketing and work with multiple different companies currently. Further, contact us here or at (732) 670-6402. Below is the link to scarlet reserve, a current client of ours we work for.

Scarlet Reserve Next

We hope to continue to build a prosperous business in Matawan and expand across New Jersey. Scarlet Reserve is committed to the continued development of a premium CBD product and creating a strong and credible brand identity.  Scarlet Reserve has created a reputation for having the best quality products and educating all the customers that have visited us. We are here to help educate customers on what is good for them.

Our customers come in with all different needs and we further try to have the best quality products to help with whatever their issue is. In addition to being competitive in the CBD market, we also aim to provide employment opportunities for residents through our entrepreneurial spirit and passion.

Also, in March we applied for NJ Micro-Cannabis Retailer. Our CBD store has been operational for over two years. We hope to be one of the first 100% Latina Owned Micro Retail stores in the State. Wish us luck. We also have a Matawan Discount for all residents and for Chamber members. When you visit the store, please tell the Bud Tender you’re a resident or MACOC member!

Scarlet Reserve is located at 782 Highway 34, Matawan, NJ. Contact us at 732-952-2245 or info@scarletreserve.com.

5 SEO Tips for Cannabis Marketers in 2022

1. Do in-Depth Keyword and Competitor Research

You should appreciate the fact that you are not the only CBD business online and therefore check what competitors are doing to rank higher on google searches. Of course, you should only check the ones performing well online. Check to know the kind of strategy your competitor is employing to stay on top of the game.

Another crucial detail you should check is the keywords that your competitor is targeting. CBD keyword research is undoubtedly important when it comes to increasing the ranking of your website. You need to collect a detailed semantic core, which will later help you create a structure and content plan, as well as find low keyword difficulty (KD) keywords that can bring quick results. Also evaluating your competitor’s structure will help you identify the loopholes in it and do it differently to stay ahead.

After identifying such target keywords, you will then be able to build your effective SEO strategy around them. When linking, only use quality links. For instance, only link to reputable sites. On the same note, make sure only high-ranking and relevant sites link back to you. Note that a single high-quality link is worth thousands of sub-standard links.

2. Create a Perfect Site Structure

If you have a CBD e-commerce store, then you must have an ideal structure created (both for search robots and for people). You need to put down all the main sections of your website and envision the structure, breaking it down into subsections and then specific pages. It is also worth pointing out that you need to adhere to the golden rule “1 keyword group = 1 landing page” – that is, each page on the site must answer its own group of queries, and not create several pages for one keyword group.

When categorizing pages, the following SEO tips for marijuana dispensaries will guide you:

  • Ensure every page can be accessed effortlessly regardless of how complex your structure is.
  • When building a hierarchy, do not solely rely on target keyword search volume since the most searched query is not always the top keyword for each page.
  • If you want to use filtering options, be careful when implementing them, especially if used alongside each other.
  • Make sure your site is scalable. This ensures that whenever you want to incorporate new categories and subcategories, you can achieve that without reworking your structure.

3. Perform Technical SEO for Your Website

You can write great content that sweeps readers off their feet and build great links. However, if you don’t implement technical search engine optimization, your site will not grow as rapidly as you thought it will after doing all that.

Therefore, you need to do qualitatively technical SEO once and then focus on others. Always remember that the technique is the basis for the growth of SEO indicators.

Sometimes you might be tempted to be a link schemer when building backlink strategies but this will eventually hurt your overall ranking.  Try to monitor your anchor links and understand the situation on the market. Make sure only authoritative and trustworthy websites link back to you. You can also contact cannabis sites and request links. Or still, you can find a professional link-building company to create CBD backlinks for you.

Sometimes you could find yourself with toxic backlinks. In this case, you can get rid of them so that your ranking on Google is not affected. The Google Search Console gives you a report with a breakdown of such links. From there, you can initiate a disavow process and then add your list to Google Search Console so that Google knows that such links are no longer in any way associated with your weed brand.

5. Analyze Your Data and Track Your Performance

An SEO campaign cannot be complete without analytics. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze the data and draw certain conclusions and adjust the strategy. Luckily, you can track your traffic and conversions through Google Analytics. Our cannabis SEO services can help you identify what is and what is not performing for your cannabis on-page SEO, as well as we will analyze the whole website and promotional strategies to help your site perform better and achieve more prominent results. Get in touch with us today as you start your new traffic.

WJ Media Group

Contact us here or at (732) 670-6402. WJ Media Group can provide extensive knowledge of cannabis marketing.